A new online gallery showcasing the work of British transcendental artist Jaya Reed. Her Yantras and Mandalas display a magical connection with the spiritual traditions of India.  Drift through the etheric realms to her website and enjoy some of the meditative atmospheres of her work.  Now based in the Sacred Heart of Ancient Avalon, her spiritual works are imbued with cosmic energy!


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Paul Laffoley

Paul Laffoley is one of the great American Visionary Artists.  A well kept secret form the mainstream art world, his works have maintained an underground integrity throughout recent decades.  Unsurprisingly he seems a peculiar man, at least in context with mainstream lifestyles and in a routine C.A.T scan in 1992 a metallic object was discovered close to his pituitary gland which he says is alien technology and assists him in his visionary art.  Regular international exhibitions is opening his art up to a new audience.  Enjoy these marvellous creations.


Enjoy his art in Hi Res poster prints:-


A multitude of Laffoley Videos:-


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3D Mandelbrot Fractal

Fascinating explorations of th Mandlebrot set.  New technology allows for furthur exploration of these vast mathematical models to produce ever new and deeper renderings of this art that is a science.

Some said it couldn’t be done – that there wasn’t a true analogue to a complex field in three dimensions (which is true), and so there could be no 3D Mandelbulb.

Mandelbulb: The Unravelling of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal.

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Pablo Amaringo

Pablo Amaringo was a Shamanic artist from Peru, who passed over recently on December 16th 2009.  His art and life were a marvellous testement to the magic of Ayahuasca as a sacred medicine and a healing plant.  His work as a visionary and seer is perhaps complete.  Brought to the attention of the west by the inimitable Terence Mckenna & Luis Edoardo Luna, his mystic visions are unique and marvellous.  Bless you Pablo, may your Soul journey continue to shine.


Thou grievest where no grief should be,

Yet speakest Words of wisdom Thou!

They who are wise grieve not for those,

Who live, or who have passed away

For verily I ne’er was not

Nor thou, nor any of these lords

And none of us who live this day

Hereafter cease to be

(from Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, text 11 & 12)

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